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Lovisa Ear Piercing FAQs


Lovisa Ear Piercing Overview

Ensure you are using your Lovisa Aftercare. Apply 3 times per day, on the front and back of your piercing.

Lovisa Ear Piercing Overview

We know it's tough! But try not to touch your ears, unless you have washed your hands to prevent the spread of germs.

Lovisa Ear Piercing Overview

Avoid sleeping on your piercing by sleeping on your back. This will help to reduce any irritation and abrasion.

Lovisa Ear Piercing Overview

Don't go swimming or submerge piercing until it is fully healed. Contaminated water poses a risk of infection.

Aftercare Information

Lovisa Piercing Studio

Advanced Aftercare & Cleanser

Lovisa Piercing Studio
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